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Resident / Fellow Toolkit

Linking to Dykes Library resources and services that have particular use for KUMC Residents and Fellows

Guide Overview

This guide includes links and information for residents and fellows new to KUMC or Dykes Library.

If you have questions about how to use any of these resources, please Contact a Librarian using the link below.

Resident / Fellow 2023 Orientation Flyer

Library Resource Access

Research Tools

Funding Support

Clincial Reference Tools

Statistical and Meta-Analysis

The department of Biostatistics and Data Science offers fee-based consultation services for assistance with statistical modeling and meta-analysis. Librarians are available to assist with developing searches and supporting information retrieval projects that collect published data.

Use the link below to learn more about the Biostatistics and Data Science consultation services

Managing UptoDate Account

1). If you do not have an existing personal UpToDate account, while on KUMC's campus network (or connected via the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN)), navigate to UpToDate's homepage in your browser (not the mobile app) the using the link below and click on the Register button.

Desktop View

Mobile View

2). Fill out the profile form and include your KUMC email. All fields are required.

Note: it is University policy for users to select different passwords from their University account for any affiliated third-party accounts.

UpToDate requires users to renew to their current UpToDate account every 90 days. This is done by logging into the UpToDate account while on the KUMC network.  Not logging into your account may impact your account's metadata and any accumulated CME credits in the app.

1). Use the link below to access and login to your personal UpToDate on or off campus.

2). If you have not accessed your account during the past 90 days, you can renew your account by logging in via the link below. If your metadata or CME credit isn't available contact UpToDate support using the UpToDate Support link.

When changing institutions you may want to keep access to the same UpToDate account with your metadata, search history, and CME credits intact.

1). If you are coming to KUMC with a pre-existing account from another institution, log into your UpToDate account on KUMC's network with your existing UpToDate credentials. This may be done using the link below while you are on campus or connected to the campus network via a VPN.

Note: While you do not need to use your KUMC email address for an UpToDate account it's recommend that you choose one that you frequently check. If you have difficulties logging in to your KUMC provided UpToDate account, contact UpToDate support using the link below.

2). If you are leaving KUMC for another institution that provides UpToDate access it's recommended that you contact that institution's library or IT (or whichever department manages their UpToDate subscription) about transferring your account's information.