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Remote Access to Library Resources

Access to Library Resources when off-campus

Off-campus Access

Start your research via the Dykes Library website to ensure you have full access to our electronic journals and books, either by selecting the direct link to the Library website or by navigating there from the KUMC homepage.

Direct Link

Navigating to the Library Website

  1. Go to the KUMC homepage
  2. Select Info For 
    1. For Current Students select myKUMC 
    2. For employees select Faculty & Staff 

Screenshot of navigating to the library website as explained on this page.

  1. Complete the Central Authentication Service login with your UserID and password.
Tip: This is a critical step because you are now authenticating with our systems.

Screenshot of Central Authentication Service.

  1. Select Library link under the Intranet search box. 

Screenshot of Library logo on the Intranet.

  1. At the library homepage you can navigate to one of our popular databases or search for content using the following options: 

Screenshot of options for locating library content, links listed above.

Screenshot of Find It! button.  alt=""