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Types of Reviews

Basic information and resources on the different types of literature reviews in research.

Using this Guide

This guide is intended to provide overview information for researchers who are intending to publish on the background, time estimates, and tools related to different types of academic reviews of literature. More casual reviews of literature may be completed for other purposes (such as course work or personal research) that may not require the same level of rigor or time commitment. This guide does not provide overviews of every type of review nor does it provide exact instructions on how to conduct a proper review.

For more information on if a type of review is suitable for your research needs and on how to conduct it, please use the Research and Learning scheduler tool linked below or click on the Schedule a Research Consultation tab to begin scheduling a meeting with your School appropriate liaison librarian.

What Type of Review Is Right For You?


Decision Trail for Types of Reviews

Tools to find the right review for you