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Remote Access to Library Resources

Access to Library Resources when off-campus

Browser History & Cache

In many instances, clearing internet browser cookies and cache will help to resolve access issues.

Campus IT recommends using the Google Chrome web browser.

[Epub ahead of print] Issues

Publishers have the ability to submit pre-publication articles to PubMed and other journal providers/platforms. Articles that are pre-publication status are listed on PubMed with the note: [Epub ahead of print]. These articles often present difficulties and in many circumstances, are not accessible yet.

The availability of these full-text articles vary by publisher. Some only allow access to pre-publication articles to individual subscribers and not institutional subscribers such as KUMC. Even when we're entitled to an [Epub ahead of print] article, linking to the article may not be possible. Some publishers wait until the print version is published before providing our access.

Other reasons include a lack of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), lack of specific citation components needed for our link resolver, and the unavailability of the article on the journal website at the particular time.

There is no "one solution" to access [Epub ahead of print] articles besides trying it to see if access is provided through our Link Resolver. Another method to try is to go directly to the journal's website to see if the publisher has uploaded the article.

NLM information on [Epub ahead of print].

PDFs from ClinicalKey

Downloading PDFs from ClinicalKey

ClinicalKey offers the ability to download journal articles and chapters of eBooks to read offline. Journal articles may be downloaded without a personal account on ClinicalKey.

In order to download PDFs of ebook chapters, you need to create a separate ClinicalKey account. This account is a separate login from your account. To create an account, visit ClinicalKey and click on the "Register" link in the top right corner of the main screen and follow prompts to create a username and password. This account will remain active as long as you are affiliated with KUMC.

Note: ClinicalKey does not provide PDF downloads for book titles with the specialty designation of "medical education." These specialty titles can only be viewed online. This affects only a small number of books. Journal articles may be downloaded without a personal account on ClinicalKey.