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Avoiding Problematic Publishers

Learn what problematic (or "predatory") publishers are, how to identify and avoid them, and how to select reputable journals for publishing your research. No information on this guide should be construed as legal advice.

Think Critically About Where to Publish

Scholarly publishing is an important part of building your academic reputation and choosing the right journal for your work is an essential part of the process. This guide will help you evaluate publishers and journals, identify the warning signs of problematic publishers, and follow best practices for dealing with disreputable publishers.

Selecting a reputable journal before you publish ensures you will:

  • retain your copyright

  • avoid a difficult retraction process

Graphic of sharks surrounding 2 weary figures.

Publishing Consultation with a Librarian

Dykes Research and Learning librarians may assist KUMC affiliated patrons looking to publish their original research through the following:

  • reviewing publishing contracts and click-through agreements before you agree to the terms
  • identifying reputable publishers
  • aligning research goals with publisher offerings
  • recommending library provided open access funding options

Copyright Acknowledgememt

The content in this guide was adapted from the Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library at George Washington University and is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

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