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If you're looking for articles in our databases you will see one of our blue and white Find It! buttons.

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The buttons will take you to a page of options for obtaining article full text. You will need to authenticate using your myKUMC credentials if you are off campus.

Textbooks, Clinical Overviews and Clinical Calculators

Click and drag these KUMC proxy links to our most popular resources into your bookmarks toolbar to ensure access to full-text off campus

Quick Reference and Textbooks

References and Bibliographies

You need to have a plan for managing references and inserting citations into your manuscript before you begin your project. Citation management software offers enormous efficiencies over handling references manually, and makes one of the more tedious elements of publishing research much simpler.

We offer support and training for Endnote and the vendor also offers excellent phone support. See our guide to Endnote below.

Most Popular Textbooks


Anatomy Resources

Interview, Exam, and Procedure Videos



New England Journal of Medicine

Health/Medicine eBooks

Literature Searching

Web of Science MEDLINE

Medline contains a comprehensive set of records covering over 5,000 health science journals, updated daily. The Web of Science platform allows you to sort records by highest number of citations, most frequently accessed, most recent, or algorithmically determined "relevance". 

The purple button with a question mark in the bottom right hand corner of Web of Science pages provides useful tips and tricks for making the most of searching for articles. You can always contact a librarian if you need further assistance. 

This video demonstrates useful advanced searching skills that can be used in other databases as well. 

Other Resources

Comprehensive Searching and Index-Based Discovery

Combine keywords with MeSH and EMTREE terms. Utilize expert searching tools including boolean operators, nested concepts, proximity operators, and truncation, as described in the Web of Science video above.

Set up a meeting or send me a note to learn more or for assistance with systematic reviews.

Specialized Databases from EBSCO

These databases are useful for searching for material on special topics.

Resource Guides

These helpful guides are created by the vendors. Contact the library if it takes >20 minutes to find something.

Lit Review Tips

SoM Research Assistance @ Archie Dykes

Librarians can help with:

  1. Creating a search that yields relevant citations
  2. Adhering to protocols and guidelines for evidence synthesis
  3. Managing references and creating bibliographies
  4. Interlibrary loan, copyright requests, videos and images
  5. Journal selection and article submission

e-mail for quick questions

schedule an appointment


Critical Appraisal

Critical Appraisal

Registering Accounts

Website and Database Accounts

You will get the most out of the library's electronic resources if you create personal accounts.

If you are having problems registering or have any questions, you can e-mail your librarian or schedule an appointment.


A MyNCBI account is an excellent way to stay current on your research interests.

Log in from PubMed home page

New, mobile friendly PubMed interface

Create a search string on a topic of interest to you and get scheduled updates when new research is published.

Make sure your search is fairly specific or prepare for an onslaught of results.

The create alert button will generate a form that you can modify.

There were 426 articles published on this topic last year, so I can expect about 8 new citations per week.

Pharmacology & Vaccination Schedules

Library Drug Resources and Online Resources

A collection of both Dykes Library and some free-to-use resources for finding drug information, therapies, and dosage guidelines.

Drug Information

Vaccine Recommendations and Immunization Schedules

Resources and sites that include vaccine recommendations and immunization guidelines

Patient Education

Research Project Support

Library Resources

Campus Resources

KUMC offers resources for research support across the research cycle.