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Occupational Therapy Research Guide

subject and course guide


Access PubMed from Dykes library home page This will enable to access full-text articles from our subscription journals. 

How to search PubMed ? Tutorials from National library of Medicine

Once you are in PubMed you will see a search box at the top of the page. For a basic keyword search, type the word(s) you are searching for in the box, and click Search. PubMed will return results, which can be further filtered by utilizing the Filters on the left side of the page.

Search Results

PubMed Tutorials

Check out these links for quick video tutorials (1-3 minutes) that can help you search PubMed for literature.

Use the Clinical Queries feature to easily find clinical articles on therapy, diagnosis, prognosis, systematic reviews, and genetics factors. Use the tutorial "Find the Latest Treatments for a Disease" to see how to use Clinical Queries.

Helpful controlled vocabularies

Example: Developmental disabilities
MeSH terms Emtree Terms  Keywords 
"Child Development Disorders, Pervasive"[Mesh] 'autism'/exp Neurocognitive impairment
"Autism Spectrum Disorder"[Mesh] ‘intellectual impairment’:de autism or autistic 
"Autistic Disorder"[Mesh] ‘cognitive defect’:de Pervasive developmental disorder
‘Intellectual disabilities’[MesH] congenital disorder’:lnk intellectual delay
'Chromosome disorders’ [MeSH] ‘mental retardation malformation syndrome’/exp ASD