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Occupational Therapy Research Guide

subject and course guide

How to evaluate websites?

For a quick and easy way to evaluate online websites and similar sources, try the CRAAP test 

(Designed by the Meriam Library, California State University-Chico. September 17, 2010.)

  • Currency: Is the information still current, or has it become outdated? When was it published?

  • Relevance: Is the information relevant to your topic and written for academic audience? 

  • Authority: Who is the author and what are the credentials ? Are they subject experts and  authorities on the topic? Who published the information?

  • Accuracy: Is the information reliable and correct? Do the authors offer evidence for their arguments? Was the information approved by an editor or peer review? Does the information seem to agree with what others have written on the topic?

  • Purpose: What is the purpose of the piece - informing or educating? Is there a bias? Are the authors presenting facts or opinions? What is the intention, are they trying to sell any products?

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