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Poster Presentations

A guide to researchers preparing posters or presentations for scientific conferences


Research posters are a visual representation of your paper or project. They typically include both small blocks of text and images (photos, charts, graphs, etc.). A poster will quickly educate the viewers it attracts about your work, as well as serve as a visual aid when you present your work to your viewers.

Creating and presenting a poster allow you to showcase how your research fits within your discipline and the scholarly conversation happening with your topic. Not only do you get to present your work, but also discuss the ways you are adding to, critiquing, responding to, or filling a gap in your field of study. A poster can be a great starting spot where you can check in with other people, get feedback on your work, and begin to think of your next steps (publishing an article, presenting at a conference, or more!).

Quick Links

KUMC Poster Template

KUMC provides an appropriate research poster templates for a standard 36 x 48 inches trifold design. The Sharepoint document of this PowerPoint file is linked below.

It is highly recommended that you save a local copy to your computer before beginning any editing or adding content. If you require assistance resizing your poster document in PowerPoint please contact the library. using the contact options on this guide or communicate directly with your School's librarian liaison.


KUMC Poster Printing

Posters may be printing on the KC campus via the Kansas Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center. This service is fee based depending on the size of the poster and requires a minimum of three days submission time. If you have time constraints on your submission please contact the Center directly.

Example Poster

Example Research Poster

Jahansooz AS, MA; Schadegg, JD, BA; Badgett RG, MD. "Using Positive Deviance (PD) in Medical Education to
Empower Teaching: Is PD appropriate?" Internal Medicine, KU School of Medicine-Wichita.