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Mental Health Toolkit

Mental Wellness and Covid-19 virus

The Covid-19 virus has created an environment unlike anything we have experienced before. The restrictions and concerns related to the virus have caused anxiety for many people. For some, this is an unfamiliar feeling and it can be difficult to know how to deal with their emotions or those of their family.

Anxiety, or excessive worry, usually relates to how well someone tolerates the unknown.  We handle uncertainty every day, but currently we are in uncharted waters. Focusing on our worries and concerns only lets them grow. When you find yourself thinking too much about what might happen, a helpful practice is to focus on the present. Limiting the amount of news and media exposure might be most helpful. Going for a brisk walk or meditation or breathing exercises are often helpful ways to change your line of thought.

Several mediation apps are offering free content to help during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For Healthcare workers

  • Ten Percent Happier is offering a free 6-month subscription to healthcare workers by emailing a request to Instructions will be sent on how to get access to the app.
  • Head Space is offering a free subscription to healthcare workers with an NPI number. 

For anyone

  • Ten Percent Happier is offering free mediation every day at Ten Percent Live. You can also find more content under the heading “Coronavirus Sanity Guide”.

Check out the Mental Wellness Self-Care tips to find other suggestions. Offering assistance to an older neighbor, calling someone on the phone, trying a new hobby, or watching a funny movie are all worth a try.

The Centers for Disease Control also has special information related to Covid-19. See Daily Life and Stress and best ways to Prevent Getting Sick.