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Grants and Funding Opportunities

A guide that provides information about grant and funding opportunities.


When applying for funding– READ THE APPLICATION CAREFULLY! 

Be mindful when applying to unfamiliar grant funding sources.

Type of  Plan

     Research or Quality Improvement Plan

What do you intend to do and why?

Sections of a grant application to consider:

  1. Specific Aims
    • Realistic Goals of the proposed research
    • Summary of expected Outcomes, including overall impact
  2. Significance
    • Importance of problem being addressed/critical barrier to progress
    • How will this improve knowledge, capability and practice?
    • How will the field be changed should this be a success?
  3. Innovation
    • Describe novel aspects to this approach/research
    • Advantages over previous methodologies?
  4. Approach
    • How will the research be carried out?
  5. Budget and Justification
    • Present and justify all expenses required to achieve project aims and objectives
  6. Assurance
    • This section exists as a forum to ensure that the applicant organization will comply with all relevant laws and guidelines
  7. Resources and Environment
    • The purpose of the resources and environment is to describe the resources, facilities, and support available to the researcher