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Linking to E-Journals and E-Books

Creating Links for Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Citation Linker

The easiest way to share content with others is often to provide them with the citation information, which they can use to locate the resource. In courses, this may be both simpler for the teacher and more beneficial for the students, who develop additional research skills by learning to locate scholarly sources. If you provide people with a citation, they may use the Dykes Library Citation Linker web page as shown below to locate the content. Research and Learning librarians are also available to help teach additional research skills as needed. 

1.) Go to Dykes Library's Citation Linker web page

2.) Type in the citation information for the article.
     You must include a Journal title, ISSN, DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or PMID (PubMed ID). 
3.) Click  Find it.

Citation Linker page form with article information

4.) This will bring up our Find It! page with a link to the full text for the item if it is available through Dykes Library's collection. You may copy and paste the link from the address bar and share this with other people. If this link is used from off campus, people will be prompted to authenticate as an affiliate when the click on the Get Article link.