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Linking to E-Journals and E-Books

Creating Links for Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Locating and using permalinks

To locate and use a permalink for an article, consult the list of publishers and databases in Step 3 - Locate Permalink.

Permalinks should be used in conjunction with the Dykes Library Proxy Link Generator to ensure that the link will work even if used from an off-campus location. This link generator adds the Dykes Library proxy prefix to the permalink or DOI you submit so that people clicking the link are prompted to authenticate with their KUMC credentials.

What is a permalink?

Permalinks, also called persistent links, are designed to connect to articles and resources in a database. Databases supply permalinks when the URL people see in their own browser's address bar will not connect to the article if used by another person. 

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a permalink that will always connect to a specific electronic resource. For example, if a publisher changes the journal website, the DOI for their articles will remain the same. A DOI should never result with a broken link. For more information about DOIs, you may visit

Note - It is possible that a DOI will connect to an article on the publisher's site but that the full text of this article will not be available via the Dykes Library. To verify that full text access is available from Dykes Library, you may attempt to download a PDF of the resource. If a login or payment screen appears, check to see if the library has other access to the article by entering the citation information in our citation linker.

You may always ask a librarian if you need assistance.