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Dissertations & Theses: Using Your Published Articles

Three-Article Dissertation or Thesis

It has become quite common for students to write a three article dissertation or thesis, also known as the journal article format. As opposed to the traditional format - divided into introduction, literature review, methods, results and discussion - the 3-article format allows the student to write three (or more) published full-length articles during their research process. The articles are then used as the basis for their thesis/dissertation which is made cohesive with an introduction, connecting material and final conclusions. 

This guide focuses on the Dykes Library resources for obtaining copyright permission and citation guidelines for using your previously published articles in your dissertation or thesis. You will also need to check if an image, figure, data, survey, instruments etc. are copyright protected before planning to use in the dissertation.  We recommend you schedule an appointment with a Research & Learning Librarian for this process.  

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Previously published works and journal permission process

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Copyright & using previously published materials 

Research & Learning Librarians

Citation manager program (EndNote)

Research & Learning Librarians

Document mechanics (table of contents, lists of figures, etc.) and template questions

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Adherence to KUMC formatting guidelines, dissertation submission process

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