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Remote Access to Library Resources

Access to Library Resources when off-campus

What is a Proxy Bookmarklet

Off-campus access to library resources is possible using the Library's remote proxy server. You may have noticed that most of our database links start with '" The proxy bookmarklet on this page will test our access to content by appending the proxy prefix to the start of the URL.

Things to consider when using the bookmarklet:

  1. This bookmarklet will not work if our access to the journal isn’t from the main publisher. For example, if we only have a journal in the ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health database, this bookmark will not show that article.
  2. If clicking the bookmark takes you to our proxy error page, we suggest you check our library access by searching in the e-journal finder using a journal title or the DOI search option. Consider that you may bookmark our database links by following our directions in this guide.
  3. All library staff can walk you through accessing our content via our website but we may not be able to troubleshoot bookmarklet problems since this could be dependent on your specific browser or device settings.
  4. If you have any questions, please email

Installing the Bookmarklet

You may follow the below steps to install this bookmarklet.

--To display the bookmark bar, press Control+Shift+B (Command+Shift+B on Mac).

KUMC Proxy


  1. In most desktop browsers, you can drag the below link in to your browser bookmark bar (see GIF below)
  2. In Safari or on a mobile device, you will need to first create a bookmark and then paste the below text in the space for a bookmark address or URL.