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Nurse Anesthesia

Key Components of EBP

Evidence-Based Medicine is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values. (Sackett DL, Straus SE, Richardson WS, et al. Evidence-based medicine: how to practice and teach EBM. 2nd ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 2000.)

Key components of Evidence-Based Practice 

  • Patient preference/values
  • Clinical expertise
  • Best research evidence

Five Steps of the Evidence-based Process

  1. Ask a clinical question
  2. Obtain the best research literature
  3. Critically appraise the evidence
  4. Integrate the evidence with clinical expertise, patient preferences
  5. Evaluate the outcomes of the decision

A well-built clinical/research question includes typically includes following components:

  • P - patient/population
  • I - intervention
  • C - comparison or "gold standard"
  • O - outcome(s)
  • (T) - timeframe, type of question