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Resources for Population Assessments

Public Health Nursing Assessment Tool for NURS 446, 480, 485, 486

B-1: History of the Community

Historic Kansas City

Johnson County History

Wyandotte County History Museum

B-6: Environmental / Sanitation / Toxic Substances

Sanitation services in your community may be a responsibility shared by several government agencies. In the case of recycling or solid waste disposal, these services may even be contracted out to private haulers. Check your local government Website for information on how sanitation services are handled locally. Pay particular attention to local health, environmental, and sanitation departments. Occasionally housing or building agencies are involved in vector control, so you may want to consult these as well. The following Websites may be helpful:

Waste & Water
Kansas Public Water Supply

KC Water Supply

Kansas Waste Management

Missouri Solid Waste Management

Recycling Laws
Kansas Recycles

Missouri Waste and Recycling

Kansas Air

Missouri Air Population Contrail Program

CDC Division of Vector-Borne Diseases