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Resources for Population Assessments

Public Health Nursing Assessment Tool for NURS 446, 480, 485, 486

B-1 Population: Vital Statistics

Because the Census Bureau does not collect vital statistics, you are unlikely to find birth and death data broken down by Census Tract.

Vital statistics are collected at the state level. To find information on Live Births and General Deaths in your community:

Kansas Local and State Health Data 
"The best approaches to addressing the specific health needs of the community or service area are based on population health data. The following references may help locate data for evaluating specific community needs." -KDHEKS
Kansas Vital Stats
"Public Health Informatics produces the Annual Summary of Kansas Vital Statistics. The report is a summary of births, deaths, marriages, marriage dissolutions, and abortions in Kansas." -KDHEKS

Centers for Disease Control VitalStats
The Centers for Disease Control has data on births, perinatal mortality and population tables. Data is available at the county level. 

Missouri Vital Stats

County and Health Ranking

B-2 and B-3 Population: Mortality and Morbidity

National Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report
The data in the weekly MMWR are provisional, based on weekly reports to CDC by state health departments.

Kansas Health Matters Mortaility Data
Scroll down to Mortaility

Missouri Community Health Profiles

You may find information by zip code or by general area. Statistical information is from 2000 or later and each link results in a .pdf file. Community data profiles are available on various subject areas such as cause of death, chronic diseases, unintentional injuries, prenatal and others.

Information on Communicable Diseases must be reported to local health departments. See Kansas City Communicable Diseases page.

For information on Non-Communicable Diseases, you will also want to check the State Health Department's Website, though you will need to look at the areas devoted to specific diseases for State and (sometimes) County data. Since there are no reporting requirements for non-communicable diseases, the data may or may not be available. See especially the following areas:



CDC Asthma Information

B-4 and B-5 Population: Life Expectancy & Healthy Life Expectancy

B-6 Population: Years of Potential Life Lost

B-7 Population: Physically & Mentally Unhealthy Days