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Article Retraction & Authorship Guidance

Retracted works in scientific publication

Prevent Retraction

  1. Follow ethical guidelines in the area of research and as posted on the journal/published websites
  2. Provide transparency of authorship such as corresponding author, affiliations etc. 
  3. Provide clear conflicts of interest statement
  4. Refer to Retractions: Guidelines from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) ( Wager, E., Barbour, V., Yentis, S., & Kleinert, S. (2009). Retractions: guidance from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Croatian medical journal50(6), 532–535.

Citing a Retracted Article

According to Retraction Watch "Editors should question why authors cite retracted publications and unless the editor and the peer reviewers are convinced that the citation is essential, references to retracted articles should be removed".

Database keywords & MeSH terms

Find terms indicating the retraction status of the article such as 'retracted', withdrawn etc.  Use terms in the table below and combine with your topic. Exclude the set from the search results for identifying retractions and not using them in your research.

Example articles

Below example shows retracted articles displayed on a PubMed search