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EndNote 20

EndNote 20

Adding Specific Journal Styles

Individual styles can be downloaded from EndNote website's Output Style Finder Page 

  1. Search and Download the style from Output Style Finder Page 
  2. Double-click the style file.  It should open in EndNote
  3. On the open style, go to “File Menu” and choose “Save As”.  Replace the word “copy” with your style’s name and click “Save”.
  4. Click on “File Menu” and choose “Close Style”
  5.  Go back to your EndNote Library and go to "select another style". Choose it from the list

Removing Duplicates

‚ÄčTo remove duplicates:
  1. Open the “References” menu and choose “Find Duplicates.”
  2. EndNote will show you the two duplicate records side by side.
  3. Choose “keep this record”, if you like to keep a record
  4. To avoid reviewing, close the window and drag and drop the highlighted duplicate references to trash

Capture Reference

Adding Capture Reference  Bookmark
1.    Open a browser
2.    Add a bookmark and name it “EndNote Capture”
3.    Edit the bookmark and change the URL to be the javascript listed below (from EndNote Knowledgebase article)

javascript:var obj=document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];var scripts=obj.getElementsByTagName("SCRIPT");var flag=0;var ENW_HOST="";var httpPort=%27:80%27;var httpsPort=%27:443%27;var protocol=location.protocol;if( protocol.match(/https:/) && (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Trident/7.0") > 0 || navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Trident/8.0") > 0 || navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Edge/") > 0)) {ENW_HOST=%27;}else {var port=protocol.match(/https:/)?httpsPort:httpPort;ENW_HOST=protocol+%27//;}for(i=0;i<scripts.length;i++) {if(scripts[i].src.match(/bookmarklet.js/)) {flag=1;break;}}if(this.disabled == undefined && flag==0) {this.disabled = true;try{var x=document.createElement(%27SCRIPT%27);x.type=%27text/javascript%27;x.src=ENW_HOST+%27/Download/public/bookmarklet.js?%27+(new Date().getTime()/100000);document.getElementsByTagName(%27head%27)[0].appendChild(x);}catch(e){console.log(e);};}this.disabled = undefined;void(0)