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Citation Management Tools

A guide helping researchers and students select and use citation management and reference generator software.

Mendeley Features



We  highly recommend you to use the KUMC licensed bibliographic management tool, EndNote, than using an open source software. KUMC managed computers no longer support MS Word plugin and online syncing of Zotero and Mendely.
  • Easy to learn
  • Excellent Social Network for Sharing & Discussing Articles 
  • Web & Desktop Versions (Sync or solo) 
  • Free (limited groups and storage) 
  • Excellent way to use PDF files 
  • Works with MS Word to create bibliographies and in-text citations easily!

Downloading and Installing Mendeley

Step 1. Install Mendeley (free)
           Set up free account
           Install desktop version

Step 2. Install the Web Importer
           This allows you to import PDFs from several academic databases.
           Lets you take snapshots of websites

Step 3. Install the MS Word Mendeley Plug-In
           Lets you insert in-text citations
           Lets you create instant bibliographies in MS Word

How to Guides for Mendeley

Mendeley Help Guides - includes Desktop, Web version, iOS, and Android

Mendeley Videos & Tutorials

How-To Articles, User Q&As

Finding the PDF and Fulltext FIRST

Before you can use Mendeley, you need to first find the PDF full-text versions of your articles.

Find Full text PDFs:

Search the E-Journal Finder for the NAME OF THE JOURNAL you are needing.

Navigate through the digital journal to find the year, volume, and issue you need, then select the article.

No luck?

About Mendeley Groups

You can create private or public groups in Mendeley and invite up to THREE colleagues to join you, for free. Larger groups require a "premium" package (which costs money).