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Mobile Apps

Health care apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices

Medical/Clinical Calculators


 UpToDate® Calculators allow you to enter the values in commonly used formulas to obtain numerical data, such as urinary protein excretion estimation or results for LDL based on the Friedewald equation for low density lipoprotein. Other calculators allow you to estimate the severity of a condition such as community-acquired pneumonia in a given patient based upon the presence or absence of major risk factors.

Getting UpToDate App
  • Access UpToDate from the librarydatabases and register for a UpToDate username and password.
  • Download UpToDate app from the App Store (Android and iphone, iOS)
  • Login with your UpToDate username and password.


AccessMedicine web version (from Dykes Library web site) has calculators that include :

  • Absolute Neutrophil Count
  • Glasgow Coma Score
  • SI/CU conversion
  • Steroid equivalence etc.



Calculate by QxMD 


Calculate by QxMDis a clinical calculator and decision support tool. Focused on highlighting tools   which are  useful in clinical practice and serve to impact diagnosis, treatment or determining prognosis. Search for QXMD in your App Store and install to use. Available for Android and iOS






Includes scores algorithms calculators, from    Sign up to create an account. Available for Android and iOS