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Mobile Apps

Health care apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices

Serious Games and Simulations

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Designed for hospital-based medical and surgical, intensive care and emergency department physicians and nurses. This activity provides a practical approach to the identification and application of evidence-based management (best practice) and evidence based guidelines. Case scenarios will be used to put these principles into practice. (Web tool)
The course will fill the gap between didactic learning and clinical application in developing an interactive course that offers an opportunity to learn and apply surgical decision making skills for practicing surgeons in treating acute and sub-acute surgical conditions and complications. (Web tool)
Explore the upper airway with a 3D simulator. The Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab forms a unique transition between book-learning and real-world experience by allowing users to study the anatomy in a 3-dimensional space. Tappable targets provide access to clinical information, photographs, and medical illustrations. (iPad app)
Dapper is a web-based game created to improve outcomes of patients diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Playable online and on mobile devices, Dapper is an engaging, fun, social game that draws upon many attractive features in social games in recent years. The game has been designed without being disease-dominated or preachy and builds upon motivational theories to increase healthy lifestyle choices in diabetic patients and their friends. (Web tool)
Pulse!! is a simulation game for health care professionals that allows them to train and practice without the risk of harming patients. Players work in a virtual hospital where they respond to emergency situations, diagnose, and treat patients as they would in the real world. This game was developed in part by the Texas A&M University, Corpus-Christi. (IN DEVELOPMENT)
ElderQuest is an interactive 3-D videogame aimed at helping medical students learn the AAMC geriatric competencies. Game content reinforces medication management, cognitive disorders, falls, self-care capacity and atypical presentation of disease. Key members of the geriatrics team are integrated into the game and storyline in order to illustrate the interprofessional team-based model for geriatric care. (Web tool)
In "Against All Odds: A Zygote Story", you’re just one little gamete with a dream: to beat all your fellow sperm to the oocyte. You know the odds are against you. It’s a long trip from the testes to the urethra, on to the vaginal canal, through the cervix and uterus, all the way to the fallopian tubes. At every step, there will be contraceptive obstacles. It’s your sole mission in life to beat them.
Examine the brain through three sections that allow for exploration and learning of its functions. Through Explorer, Build-A-Brain, and Neural Tracks modes, interact with a 3D model of the brain to learn its areas and how they connect and interact with each other (iPad app, $1.99)
DecisionSim is a cloud and mobile-based platform designed specifically to enhance and assess decision-making by leveraging the educational value of simulation. Author your own simulations through our easy to use tools, deploy on multiple devices and analyze key metrics. (Website only)

The Prognosis apps are a series of medical educational aids designed for doctors, nurses, medical students, and other healthcare professionals. As of early 2014, they have been downloaded over 2 million times. The apps provide comprehensive and easily digestible information on various diseases, by simulating real-life clinical scenarios which place the user in the hot seat of clinical decision making. (iPad app)

Prognosis Online (Web tool)

By using this web tool, you will develop the confidence necessary to use your stethoscope when examining patients. You will accomplish this by mastering the identification of eight basic heart cadences. The Heart Sound Challenge is a brief multimedia tutorial on the eight basic cadences. Learn and listen to the sounds, murmurs, and timings that make up the cadences. See where to position the stethoscope to best hear the cadences. (UofMich Website) (Web tool)
The world is overrun with zombies. You, as a member of The Progenitor X Defense Force are a part of a highly trained squad of scientists who can save us. Using highly advanced bio-medical technology, you locate, seek out, and treat infected humans to contain the threat. With your help, the Progenitor X Defense Force will prevail. But be aware: Zombies are out there, and we are all susceptible.
3D Interactive Teams or 3DiTeams is a first-person, multiplayer training application developed with Duke University Medical Center and used for medical education and team training. (Website only) (Poster)

Lifesaver is an interactive movie developed by the RC UK. The Resuscitation Council (UK) was formed in August 1981 by a group of medical practitioners from a variety of specialities who shared an interest in, and concern for, the subject of resuscitation.